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Hey, i have been following this blog for nearly a year now and I would love to see it back in action. Is it gonna have new content soon? And is there any way people like me could help? Like submitting content?

Content should be back soon.  I’ve been doing the best I can to get the latest review up but there are a lot of other hanging threads with it that haven’t been tied up yet.  I was trying something different to be more fun but I’m not sure if it’s worth the headache it’s causing.

Submitted content is always welcome, whether it’s a log or an actual entry someone wants to make.

hey msparp has a forum with a log section for NSFW shit.

A void in my heart has been filled.

So Trollplay is shutting down.  It’s been my site of choice for digging up the logs that I post on this blog since the forums actually have a whole section dedicated to pornographic RPs.

It’s a shame though, I’ve met some cool people during my treks through the site, so for better or worse it definitely has a degree of sentimental value to me.  Oh well.

I’m going to have to find another source for usable RPs though.  I know it’s kind of stupid for me to say considering I haven’t updated this blog with any actual content in almost a year, but I’ve really been wanting to pick it back up again.  It’s just been a matter of finding my muse and having other things I’d usually rather be doing than writing about how poorly people write their sexy role plays.

I don’t know when I’ll be taking the reins of this blog and start posting more content again, but I can safely say that when I do it will probably be a little different from what I’ve been doing.

In the meantime, you can check out my main blog for other stuff I’ve been doing.

Stay tuned????

Aug 7

Combining robots [2]

▲: Squarewave chuckled electronically “Hey man thats fucking embarrassing.” He knew no one else was around but still, he found that a bit embarrassing (Yes, that is what he just said. We can take his word for it fine). “Shit man your all lovey……” He turned to look away to hide his enjoyment of the affection and attention.

What is there to hide?  Squarewave has a solid metal face, it’s not like he can blush or anything.  He is obscuring the same face he has always had every day of his life.

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Combining robots [1]

For better or worse, a lot of the sex logs involving trolls don’t ever really involve any alien anatomy.  People talk about buckets, but once it’s crunch time and people are left with the opportunity to exploit some xenobiology, they usually pussy the fuck out.

Well, let’s see what we’ve got once we replace alien sex with robot sex.  I wanna see some real creativity in this, people.

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Shit, I accidentally drew some crappy fanart.

Knights into (no) Dreams…

Do people like Karkat/Dave?  I’m pretty sure they do.  Let’s be honest, they’re two knights with mutant red features that they hide from everyone else, have extravagant language, and both spend their time not making out with each other making out with John, so this is some serious OTP shit we’re dealing with.

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Could you make guide-lines for submissions? I'd like to submit something, but I'm not sure what kinda stuff should I put on it. Can I also submit smut fan-comics? (Yes they are a thing)


My only real request is that you try to offer a link to the actual work, and not just copy and paste an entire fic or log or whatever.  If you don’t that doesn’t mean I’m going to ignore it or anything, but I prefer to have bookmarks to the original source for all the stuff I review.

Smut fan-comics sound hilarious, if you have any that you think would be funny, send it my way.

Really anything that’s really pornographic and unintentionally funny, regardless of medium, is fine.

EDIT: I should have mentioned this earlier, because it’s a thing that occasionally happens, but also please don’t send me logs that are only half-finished or something.  I’ve done a few that ended a little prematurely, but if it stops right in the middle of the sex, or even before sex actually happens?  Yeah that doesn’t give me a lot to work with.

2 Cats 1 Pizza

▲: ((Kitty Dave, S&M kink. Looking for either a Bro, Dom!John, or maybe even a Dad Egbert. Other male character’s are okay too! :D))

Mercy me.

One of the many things that’s always impressed me about the Homestuck fandom is how numerous and various the prefixes can be on any given character.  Within the comic itself you have dream selves, past selves, alternate universe selves, etc.  But once you start mining through the fan works you can get stuff like “humanstuck genderbent Tavros,” at which point I start to wonder if the “Homestuck” moniker is just a formality.

Then you combine that with people who are completely unconcerned with things such as “being in character” and you end up with the characters (who this Cat Dave is rather particular about who he will role play with) being completely empty vessels for sex.

But we’re no strangers to that, are we?  Let’s see what we’ve got.  If you have any cats in the room, I suggest you have them avert their eyes.

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Rose and Roxy celebrate Mother’s Day a little early.

One of the most telling signs that a writer has no idea what they’re doing is that they just never know when to shut the fuck up.  There’s a very broad line between descriptive writing and tedious, endless purple prose piled on so high that I can’t tell if I’m reading a scene or scaling a mountain with the only real pay-off being the ability to say that I finished reading this mess, except unlike a mountain no one’s really impressed when you say “hey, did you know I read a terrible sex scene once,” and it’s a lot harder to explain why I had to cut my arm off with a dull knife.

It’s surprisingly rare to come across a lesbian log, especially one that isn’t Rose and Kanaya.  Homestuck smut plays and fan fiction are almost entirely domineered by gay, with straight stuff a close second.  Even more surprising is the incest angle, which is normally a market cornered by “Stridercest” and… is “Egbertcest” an accepted term?  As accepted as circumstances will allow, at least.

Basically, this log is the ultra-rare of written Homestuck porn, so let’s see what we’ve got.

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