Back In Action


I lied about the free space.

This is the update for this week.  Nothing stupendous, but I’ve been a little busy, and haven’t had time to find anything that really made me question my sanity for sticking with this routine of mine.

Keep in mind I have no idea of the inner machinations of creating a bingo sheet.  For all I know some of the cells in a row/column may contradict each other.  I highly encourage you to make your own, start reading porn logs, and send me the link if you manage to win.

Some things I wanna mention while I got your attention right here:

In case you haven’t realized, I try, for the most part, to keep the blog clutter-free.  I’m sure you follow enough shit that turns your dashboard into an all-you-can-eat buffet of reblogs and stuff like that, so I’m not gonna add to that.  In any case, I do get a few asks and stuff here, which I only publish if they’re super relevant to the blog itself, and even then, eh.

So I’m going to invite everyone to just send me a whole mess of whatever questions you may have about whatever, and I’ll try and make some comprehensive FAQ kind of thing so people don’t always ask the same stuff.

Additionally, you may so choose to follow my twitter, which is like, MADE for irrelevant bullshit anyway, so I may say minor stuff about the blog and upcoming reviews there (like further LIES).  You can also talk to me I guess, and I’ll be more likely to respond there than here.


All right.